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Any professional or company that needs credit worthy clients – those prosects that must have a certain credit score to do business with you – can greatly benefit from having DB Credit Repair as a credit repair referral partner.

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Automobile Salespeople and Dealerships
  • Bankers and Credit Union Professionals
  • Solar Salespeople and Companies
  • Home Improvement Companies

We help your prospect remove derogatory trade lines from their credit reports and increase their credit score, and therefore we help you close more business by helping them.

  • Don’t let potential customers walk out the door never to be seen again because of a low credit score
  • Monitor the progress of the prospects credit improvement
  • Stay in contact with your prospects
  • Build a pipeline of business that you wouldn’t otherwise have
  • Help people buy your product or service and get referrals for helping them
  • Close more business each year for doing nothing more than asking your prospect with a non-qualifying credit score if you can pass their contact information to us. We do all the work and pass them back to you once they can qualify!

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