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DB Credit Repair features an extensive, affordable and all-inclusive method to help restore and even improve your credit score. Best of all, we make it simple! Follow our five easy steps and allow our credit repair specialists to take the frustration away and implement our credit repair services.

  • Step One: Send us a message and one of our Credit Repair representatives will contact you to discuss your case. Or simply call us at either of our office numbers so we may assess your situation and determine if credit repair is right for you. If so, we can enroll you in one of our Credit Protection Plans and get started right away.
  • Step Two: Our experts analyze all credit reports and create a secure, online account so you can log in, 24/7 and monitor the progress of our credit repair services. Your credit reports will be evaluated and accounts that harm your credit will be identified and included in dispute letters to Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.
  • Step Three: Once prepared, our letters of dispute will be sent to you for an immediate review and approval. If no modifications are necessary you will then sign and submit them directly to the credit bureaus.
  • Step Four: Its simple, relax! You will receive updated reports from the credit bureaus on a continuous basis. You should forward each updated report to us to allow review of items removed successfully and to scan for more recent negative information. We will automatically send revised dispute letters to you every sixty days.
  • Step Five: Consider our credit building tips. Our educational resources and our Credit Repair Specialists would be pleased to provide further advice on how to improve your credit score. This helps maintain positive credit scores over time. We are committed to your satisfaction and will assist you whenever possible.

credit repair services, credit servicesOk, so what if the credit bureaus refuse to remove negative items on your credit report that should be removed? Our credit attorney will assist in the removal of these items, should federal laws apply. In addition, this occurs at no additional cost to you.

Debt collectors are often abusive, threatening and intimidating. Often they will call your home, office and even your cell phone. This could be extremely embarrassing and might also be illegal! With our help, we can get these calls to stop!

It is common today for credit repair companies to charge set up fees and monthly fees which may range from $50 to $100. This method could result in spending thousands of dollars. Since there is no incentive to expedite the restoration process, these companies drag out and delay your credit repair far longer than is necessary; often fixing only a handful of items each month. Others charge on a “per item” basis which can add up fast given, there are three major credit bureaus.

The main difference between these companies and our’s is simple! Our mission is to increase your credit score as quickly as possible! Since the majority of our business is derived from real estate, mortgage and referrals by banking associates, this indicates their desire to have their client return with newly restored, good credit as soon as possible! In order to retain those referrals, we need to work fast!

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